Rest in the Caucasus: Trends 2016

Rest in the Caucasus: Trends 2016

Every year the fashion for holidays in Russia is gaining its strength. And no wonder: in Russia you can find a huge number of places where the rest will be no worse than abroad, for no cost or by climatic features, either in picturesque areas.


One of the most popular tourist destinations is the Caucasus.


Caucasus - a country with great culture, tradition, the territory of which lives an amazing, hospitable people.


Caucasus has long been famous for its beautiful mountainous terrain, as well as the abundance of mineral water springs that have miraculous healing properties.


In every part of the region affects the purity of the air, which is the same as water, gives health and longevity.


In the Caucasus, there will employment and those who enjoy outdoor activities, and those who prefer a quiet leisurely pastime.


For outdoor enthusiasts fit horse riding, skiing, snowmobiling, take part in races on the jeep, and, of course, to climb the mountain.


For those who prefer quieter leisure, it will appeal to many resorts and sanatoriums, which are often located close to the mineral springs. Silence, tranquility, clean air and a magnificent view of the year-round snow-capped mountain peaks allow relaxation from the daily bustle and restore peace of mind.


The most famous places for treatment and rest are:


Essentuki - one of the largest resorts in the Caucasus. Of course, the main highlight of it are the sources of drinking and balneological clinics, which are engaged in the treatment of gastric and intestinal diseases, as well as improving metabolism.


Multi resort Pyatigorsk - a very well known place that attracts many tourists. Here treat various diseases, including skin diseases, neurological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and so forth.


Zheleznovodsk - place, compared with the previous, relatively small, but no less popular. Come here people who want to try the force of warm and hot springs, therapeutic mud, as well as to cure diseases of the kidneys, digestive and endocrine systems.


It is worth noting that the tourist infrastructure of the Caucasus is very well developed, so here you can safely come to rest with the children. It is also particularly noteworthy that there prevails an abundance of residential places for a variety of prices that can afford almost everything.


To get to this region will have to pay around 10 - 12 thousand rubles.. per person.


One of the most asked questions among tourists - as is now safe to rest in the Caucasus. At the moment, we can safely say that the Caucasus at the moment is absolutely safe zone, so there is no reason to worry for yourself and your family. Moreover, the ever-increasing flow of tourists, including those who come here not for the first time, again proves it.


Thus, in the Caucasus holidays bring a lot of pleasure, charge the health and vigor of the whole year.


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