Rest in Adler in September

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Velvet season on the Black Sea coast, a great opportunity for a while to abandon the rainy autumn. In many regions of our country autumn breath begins to be felt at the end of August and in early September sharply colder. So, rest at this time will give the tourists residing in the northern regions a little bit of summer.


The first few days of September Adler guests are a bit upset by rain and overcast weather. Escaping from the bad weather at home, resort visitors often observed similar weather and the Black Sea. However, do not be disappointed, the September holidays better plan for the second decade of the month.


First symbolize the change of seasons. After a few days of summer returns, and in the sky the sun appears again. So rest in the resorts of Adler in the fall is not always marred by rain. But the kind of thing does not interfere.


At Velvet season many fans, as it has many advantages. The main advantage is that on the coast is less people and more room on the beach.


Despite the fact that the resort of Adler is possible year-round recreation, many come back in the summer, wanting to take a dip in the warm sea. In autumn, this is impossible, since the water is cold.


The lack of heat promotes cravings for excursions. At the disposal of tourists a lot of entertainment. Those who love extreme sports and wants to thrill, quite suitable riding on off-road vehicles along mountain trails. Adrenaline Extremists guaranteed.


Nature lovers can enjoy the beauty and southern flora and fauna.

Tourists with kids can visit the Aquarium, where visitors can see sharks, piranhas and other members of the Southern Seas. No less experience in children and adults will be visiting the dolphinarium.


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