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It is difficult to find such people who would regret that spent their holidays in Abkhazia. Abkhazia meets annually in its territory many visitors who come here from different countries of the world. Such great popularity of this small country tourist destination is easily explained: Abkhazia offers excellent conditions for relaxation and at the same time there is only so much you expect a warm welcome.

Therefore, if you have not yet decided where they will spend their vacation, Abkhazia is an excellent choice. In this country, the swimming season lasts from April to November, although thanks to the warm climate to enjoy your vacation, here is possible all year round.

This picturesque corner of the planet is on the Black Sea coast and surrounded by beautiful nature. Due to the fact that the Abkhaz resorts are located near the sea, they provide an excellent opportunity not only to relax, even significantly improve their failing health.

In Abkhazia, there are many springs with healing mineral waters, as well as on its territory are located the sanitary - health zones, which have long been known for their positive effects on health.

Gagra - just and is a one of those places. Here are the most beautiful mountain lakes and rivers. It is difficult to describe in words the beauty of nature of this area. Seeing all this with your own eyes, you will always fall in love with Gagra. The tourism sector of the city is very well developed, then you will find a varied program of recreation that will be enjoyed by both people, who prefer a quiet and peaceful pastime, and a lover of extreme sports.

It is more popular among tourists has also called Abkhaz resort Pitsunda. It's just an amazing place, lush nature which a single person can not remain indifferent. People come here not only for recreation, but also for the treatment, since it is not polluted the environment, along with wellness programs resorts are doing miracles, allowing to achieve excellent results in the treatment of many diseases.

Of course, apart from Gagra and Pitsunda wonderful leisure facilities offer other resort cities of Abkhazia. Resting here, you will be able to visit many nature reserves of the country, to see a variety of sights, taste the local cuisine. Spend holidays in Abkhazia you can either alone or with the whole family, an unforgettable experience.


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