Relax in a new way. Why visit the Crimea was in September

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Crimea Nature surprises and fascinates not only locals, but also tourists arrived. Each time, leaving no doubt want to come back again to plunge into this wonderful nature. However, do not necessarily visit the Crimea in the summer season. After Crimea is open to tourists until the late autumn.

Velvet season is considered to be the most comfortable time of year to vacation in the Crimea. And it begins in early September. In September temperature ranges somewhere between 22-25 degrees and in October gradually reduced to 17 degrees. The water temperature in September and is fairly comfortable 21-22 degrees.

Autumn is also a great time to explore the sights of the Crimea. Comfortable conditions during the tour, no huge queues, and the hot sun almost pyalyaschego, make holidays much more pleasant. Another important advantage of recreation in the Crimea is in the autumn is an amazing savings. Rest in autumn is much cheaper. This means that tourists can choose the comfort and purchase tickets at comparatively low prices.

Gorgeous autumn scenery chained in Crimea. Landscape truly transformed. The slopes of the mountains change their color from gold to scarlet yarkovatogo. According to tourists in autumn Crimea becomes rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Another commercially available melons, and simultaneously with shelves filled with various types of grapes, pears, apples, persimmons and raspberries.

Also, tourists are advised to be sure to visit the Golden Beach in the Crimea. This is an amazing place with amazing nature. Soft powdery sand beach gives the same "golden" color and the same name. Also noteworthy is the fact that the sea is shallow, which means that there is no danger for young children. More tourists are advised not to miss the opportunity and visit the Blue bay. The mild climate and pure water give additional comfort in such a place. A landscape Blue Bay are fascinating. However, the bottom of the Blue bay is rocky and, thus, here you can swim only during the calm.

According to travel agencies, on the Crimean beaches are all you need for a perfect holiday. Come, because the season has just opened.


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