Red Light Street in Thailand

Red Light Street in Thailand

In connection with the death of the King of Thailand, his son came to power, which is not distinguished by tolerance. Perhaps this is due to the military career of Mahi Vachiralongkorn, who is called Rama the tenth.

The previous king was in power for 70 years and was very fond of the Thais, including for his policy towards transgender people and people with a different sexual orientation, as well as for a practically free "trade in love," including on the "red light street .

In the photo the new king of Thailand, Rama 10

The new king plans to make Thailand a "family resort" and the first shifts are already visible.

In April, when we were resting friends in Pattaya and visited all the famous streets, we did not see girls with naked breasts on the street (unlike last year's holidays), do not see so many transvestites and feel the atmosphere of unreliability, as in the old days.

They certainly were not taken to the forest, they are all in clubs that are located on Walkin Street, but has not this started a fight with such things?

Perhaps this was also due to the fact that in the country there was mourning for the deceased king and the atmosphere of debauchery and permissiveness could not be taken out of the clubs.

Or maybe the beginning of the struggle and the transformation of Pattaya into a family-level resort.


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