Journey to Lake Baikal

Journey to Lake Baikal

People tend to seek new knowledge, to change places, to travel the unexplored edges. Learn something new is possible not only when traveling abroad, but also at home. Attractions in Russia there. One of them is Lake Baikal, one of the deepest lakes in the world, it is spread over 600 km of forest, steppe, taiga, swamps and mountains. Its vegetation, the nature, the climate is unique. there are tourist centers and hotels on the shore of the lake, but the tourists traveling on their own, sleeping in tents around the campfire.

Others go on the water in boats or boats. A trip to Lake Baikal can take place in any season, you can see not only the beauty of nature, but also architectural monuments, fishing, hunting, swimming, listen to old beliefs. In the summer you can take a walk on the boat. If you want to make unique images, it is necessary to go to the shore of Lake Baikal. In the vicinity of the lake are many protected corners of nature: cliffs, caves and quiet coves, islands, bays and waterfalls. From natural sources, you can drink the water, pay a visit to the sacred places of living of the peoples in the area, look at the seals that live in their natural environment. Travel can begin to Listvyanka, here from the bus station, tourists can be reached by shuttle bus or taxi, and in the summer to sail on the Angara River. At the entrance to the village located at the beginning of the Angara Shaman-stone. Everyone knows the legend that Baikal's father became angry and threw it after his daughter Angara, when she ran away to the groom Yenisei. Locals worship in front of the stone magic, so the alleged offender left with the spirits of the night. There have been cases that the person can not afford this torture, it starts the mind or disappeared, and if endured - were released on all four sides. In summer, the stone can be seen from the shore.

Baikal Museum with arboretum, unique in the world, located in Listvyanka. It presents the inhabitants of the lake: seals, Arctic cisco, whitefish, sturgeon. On the islands you can see Ushkaniye rookery of seals, and using webcams, you can interactively sink to the bottom of the lake. The show is organized Listvyanskaya nerpinary seals. Taltsy Museum is located in the open air, it presents objects of everyday life of local residents and the best cultural sites. This is only a small part of the most interesting and beautiful places on Baikal.


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