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Daily rent of apartments

Now it is not a secret for anybody that coming to an unfamiliar city, renting an apartment for a long time or by the day is not difficult. The business in the field of real estate rental is very well developed and is waiting for its clients with open arms.

A huge selection of apartments, with all amenities, in any part of the city, with any living conditions are provided by individuals and real estate agencies. It is difficult to imagine that just a couple of decades ago in Russia a newcomer could not find shelter.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, private enterprises and business began to slowly rise and develop, it affected the hotel business. But if you compare what was then, and what is being proposed now, the beginning of the nineties and "did not smell" of service. Western businessmen started arriving at a fast pace in the country: they were accustomed to foreign comfort, and then they were surprised - all the elite hotels were closed for repairs, and the rest offered only hard beds and cold water in the tap. Enterprising Russian businessmen, seeing the need for housing, began to develop the system of "Apartments for Daily", which is still in effect.

But at that time even rent of apartments was limited to a settlement in a communal apartment or a one-room apartment with a guest. As the roof over your head was needed by everyone, you had to agree.

Those wishing to settle in the "excellent apartment" were met directly by local residents at the stations and airports, and the taxi drivers had a whole list of daily apartment options. It's good that these times are over.

Now civilization has reached us. Entering in the search engine browser "rent apartments (city) for rent without intermediaries," a lot of links to private offers and agency proposals. Apartments for rent are a worthy replacement for hotels, and this type of rent is several times cheaper. A wide choice of premises is designed for the purse of the common man and VIP client, therefore, especially in large cities, any visitor can find shelter.

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