Primordial Great Azishskaya Cave

Primordial Great Azishskaya Cave

It is not necessary to be a professional psychologist to explore the cave world, who happens to be very close. Most Azishskaya cave is located in the Krasnodar region between the rivers White and Kurdzhips. Plateau-like array, where it is located, is also rich in beautiful landscapes. Travel to surprise any tourist.

By itself, the cave is large, but is available for attending 220 meters of paths and stairs, which can safely pass the entire route. It is unique in the fact that today is the site of important natural values ​​with its microclimate, and the cave is the world of stalagmites and stalactites. top and bottom speleothem formed unusual shapes, which are now people associate with characters from fairy tales or ordinary items of furniture.

At the bottom of the cave is the river Lozovushka, live in it the primitive organisms that may be of interest to biologists because even today a full bouquet of living, inaccessible to ordinary eyes, there is not fully understood.
The room is divided into several rooms with unique names: Entrance Hall, Corona, Rocket, Herculean, and the wedding altar. They got their name for a reason, the leading guide will tell fascinating information about them, which can not be deducted on any site on the Internet.

The cave entrance is very steep. Dropping down the stairs, a person feels unusual coolness and a sense of surprise. The internal temperature does not rise above 6+ degrees, but the climate is perceived by the human body is unusual, so no one really does not freeze.

Visiting Great Azishskaya cave, every tourist will know more about this monument of nature. Caving is little known in Russia and they are only interested experts and speleologists, actually on the territory of Lago-Naki plateau may not all found, so it makes sense to develop an interest in this direction with the famous Azishskaya complex.

The atmosphere of the cave and its air is very helpful and saturate the human body unusual energy. Going from there to the outside, it seems that has been made the journey to another planet.


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