Pearl Krasnodar Krai - Tuapse

Pearl Krasnodar Krai - Tuapse

The mild climate, sea waves, the gentle sun ... Many vacationers prefer a pastime for leisure. On the Black Sea coast stretches Tuapse town, it is located between two rivers, hence the long name and "Two Rivers". Surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, Tuapse allows you to experience the beauty of nature.

Tuapse is popular among fans who prefer the private sector. Many remain in the villages near Tuapse. There are a huge number of different houses and rooms. Of course there are a variety of hotels, guest houses and guest houses with all modern set of services. But the influx of tourists during the summer period, the hotel can not cope with so many guests.

In this marvelous place, tourists can diversify your vacation smartly. Fans of passive recreation expect beaches as sand and gravel, the choice for the guests. The warm sea and hot sun. More active travelers include diving and fishing, water skiing and horse riding, and sightseeing excursions to the main attractions will fascinate anyone. Just plenty of entertainment facilities for all tastes.

The main and popular attraction boldly called the central street of them. K. Marx and situated thereon Plane-Tree Alley. This avenue of the longest in Europe and is perfect for hiking. Plane trees, planted along the avenue, can be called ancient giants, their landing made at the beginning of the XX century. But partial replanting of trees and produce at present.

Fans of the epicenters of the resort News and events sure to visit the city recreation park. This green area can always boast of the holiday atmosphere, as the park is rich with restaurants, cafes and a variety of nightclubs, then you can have fun in the Liu-fight time. Local cuisine and drinks will satisfy the taste of the most demanding gourmet. Supplement to the park are the dolphinarium and water park filled extravaganza of fun.

Nature Attractions are divided into three groups: waterfalls, mountains and dolmens. Highest, beautiful and charming waterfall on the creek bubbling breech. His power and strength fascinate and lead to stupor. And yet the beauty enchants falling water in the upper Psekups on the river Zadub nova gatehouse on the river Big Dog.

Mountains and cliffs are impressive for its gorges and caves, each of them holds a secret.

Tuapse - one of the resorts of Krasnodar, which is peacefully awaiting a visit of tourists with all tastes and requirements.


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