Pearl Bora Bora

Французская Полинезия, Бора-Бора, острова, природа, путешествия, отпуск, райский отдых

Bora Bora - is a small island in the center of which is a mountain, or rather an active volcano, and on the edges of coral reefs. The highest point of this mountain range is 727 meters, called Otemanu. The central part of the island is an area of ​​38 square kilometers. Bora Bora is located in the South side of the Pacific Ocean, it belongs to the French Polynesia.

Bora Bora attracts beauty and diversity of the underwater world. Here you can see stingrays, barracudas, variety of colorful fish, lemon sharks, crabs and other animals. Allowed to feed sharks and rays, but only under the supervision of an instructor.

You can carry out a walk on the island itself. In the vicinity of a small village called Fanaaui, can be viewed on the local ruins. Or climb one of the peaks called Pahii, see thickets of ferns and orchids. And on top of Otemanu revealed the most unusual and picturesque views. On the island, just below the mountains are shallow horizontal caves where large populations live frigates.

In the south-west of the island are the most beautiful beaches, where you can also go to the famous restaurant called "The Bloody Mary", which is often visited by celebrities.

The population of the commune of Bora Bora are a little more than 9 thousand people.

The local settlement called Vaitape you can find a small shopping center, a post office, bank, school, and even the Catholic Church. The local population speaks both French and English.

On Bora Bora tropical climate temperature is on average 27 degrees, and the water just one degree less than 26. Heat on the island is not, because from the ocean blowing refreshing breeze.

You can try both Polynesian and French cuisine, the island is rich in seafood, as well as fresh fruit.

Everyone for themselves will find that love for Bora Bora.


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