Organization of travel to Canada

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Organization of travel to Canada

Canada for several years in a row is the best country for life. Picturesque parks, valleys with mountain ponds, skiing, hockey - all this and much more awaits the tourists of Canada, confident in their abilities.

Before going on a trip, you will need to issue a temporary resident visa. This is not easy, it is necessary to prepare for collecting a large package of documents. First of all, fill out numerous forms on the website of the travel agency. Usually they include all personal information: salary, place of work, real estate, family information, purpose of arrival. More information can be obtained from the tour operator. Further, you provide a passport, permission to leave, a copy of the air ticket and other documents that the visa officer will ask for. Even in the case of a positive response, you will have to wait patiently for the coveted stamp in your passport (duration is several weeks).

So, what to expect in the city? Let's talk about the most necessary for "survival". To stay in a mid-range hotel in downtown Toronto, you will need at least $ 40. However, in Montreal, you can spend the night in a hostel for $ 30, and in a tourist class hotel - for $ 50. Canadians are happy to rent an apartment to tourists. On specialized sites a large selection of housing options. Unfortunately, the prices are not too different from the hostels - about $ 50.

Transport in Canada also does not differ in availability for an ordinary tourist. Passenger traffic is not very popular, and tickets for a bus or tram are very expensive. So, for a month to spend about 70 dollars for the journey to the subway in Toronto is very easy.

Prices for food in a street kiosk or snack bar are low - around $ 5 for coffee and sausage in the dough. In cafes and restaurants, minimal costs will be 35-40 dollars (with personal waiters, hot dishes for two and dessert). The good news is that almost every cafeteria will have access to the Internet.


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