One of the cities of China and its long history

One of the cities of China and its long history

In 1997, Hong Kong reassigned to China, but people are wary of the new changes.

Hong Kong - the center of big business, so its influence on politics, the economy and lifestyle of Hong Kong is very high. Historical Museum can tell you all about the history of Hong Kong.

Great Chinese Empire was formed gradually, beginning was trade with England, which changed the silver and opium tea, silk. Later, opium became the originator of that empire could collapse. Of Hong Kong it was colonized by England and has long been under its authority. And the English tradition has taken root among the Hong Kong people. At noon gives a salute in honor of their ships. Afternoon shot, you can now hear.

We reached not only the British tradition to the modern Hong Kong. but the remnants of the Chinese. And this applies not only to religion. For example, residents prefer treatment according to ancient recipes to modern treatment drugs. It is treated can be any of the ingredients, as well as items with printing on the reverse side, is magical.

The best way to make money - it's feng shui, it is highly respected in Hong Kong. But people do not just wait for success to come to them itself, but also attracted her. They pray for the blessing of Jos, translated from Cantonese means "fate", she protects life gonkongovtsa who asks her about it. In Hong Kong people do not belong to any one religion

Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism - all together is the local religion. And the temple, which is very popular, is called the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, which is located next to the stadium.

To enter the temple, you first need to go through 400 degrees, do not need to feel sorry for the spent forces. View, which opens the view, amazing. 13 000 golden statues of Buddhas, who are in the main temple. They are all very different.

One of the local attractions - it is Victoria Harbour, which is one of the largest natural harbors in the world.

Give pleasure from the contemplation of the beautiful scenery around with double-deck ferry. Lovely view of the harbor and the city will not leave anyone indifferent.

Very famous Mongkok district, contains a lot of residents who retain a part of nature at home. They give birth to songbirds.

Chinese New Year is celebrated in late January and early February, so if holiday fell during this period of time, it is possible to admire the main street, which looks like a multicolored river.


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