Old Vilnius Legends

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Therefore Vilnius is a center of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists from East and West, who come here to get acquainted with a rich and eventful history, ancient beliefs and Christian traditions. Not least in the choice of this particular city plays shopping and the possibility to buy branded items at quite reasonable prices. And, of course, Lithuanian cuisine can not fail to leave its mark on the heart (and stomach) travelers, and the most popular among them - the zeppelins.

Most of the visiting guests gatherings in the restaurant left in the evening and during the day give znaemstvu with historical monuments. In Vilnius, a lot of places worth visiting, including the Gediminas Castle, though it remained only partially. Due to the fact that the castle took place at the top, it is visible from any point. Conversely, if you climb to its ruins, the magnificent panoramic views from the observation deck.

At the bottom of the Cathedral Square is a monument to Gediminas, near many wonderful architectural structures, including buildings of Vilnius University, St. Anne's Cathedral, designed in the Gothic style and is renowned for being the great Napoleon wanted to take him to Paris.

Old Vilnius Legends

Vilnius - an amazing and diverse, opens the tourist immediately. But those who understand and love this city, you will dream about the next meeting with a legend.

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