Nice - Cote d'Azur

Nice - Cote d'Azur

Monarchs, celebrity, luxury, shine, casino, Cote d'Azur - is nice.


Luxury Nice - a city chosen for holiday royal, princely families and famous people of the world. It gives excellent sea views, beautiful nature, charming streets.

Guided tours in Nice must be carefully planned. You can find a hotel on the Cote d'Azur, with a complex wellness services, excellent cafes and restaurants with excellent cuisine, then the easiest option to pay attention to le meridien nice, located in the center of Nice. At the disposal of guests a well-equipped lovely beach with umbrellas, deck chairs. Not far away from Massena Square, it is the first listed in the tour guides in the city.

Here is Nicholas Cathedral. It was built on land owned by the Russian Emperor, and with the financial assistance of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. a large Russian diaspora living in Nice. At the Russian nobility it was considered good form to spend time in France in Nice than pride and boast of the city hotel, hanging in a prominent place on this plate.

Nights in Nice are very dynamic: restaurants, bars, with an incredible amount of high-end whiskey, cognac, disco, European casino with some special chic, where you can find all the entertainment.

The journey is scheduled to inspect the set of remarkable places and monuments, it is better to rent an apartment in palais de la mediterranee. In addition to Russian love there to stop the French, a few minutes walk to the sea and the center of Nice, allows to combine leisure activities. You can lie in the sun on the beach or swim in the pool at the hotel, and you can walk to the boutiques.

The only disadvantage of the beaches in Nice - pebbles. On the free beach there are no facilities, but on private special coating made from wooden decking, put kids swimming pool. Visitors can rent a boat or yacht, to carry water skiing, flying over the sea surface on a parachute.

This royal town of a great variety of culinary delights. Naisvezhayshaya seafood, fish specialties, countless sauces for pasta, light vegetable salads, pizza. And the desserts? You can only describe as - it is delicious, gourmet, natural wonder from the chef. The ice cream can add rose petals and other flowers.


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