Newlyweds Where to go?

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Many young couples who intend to enter into a legal marriage, long think about what place to choose for a honeymoon or a wedding ceremony. Of course, the preferences are different, someone who likes outdoor activities, including excursions mass campaigns. And someone closer in spirit to a quiet and relaxing holiday on the beach under the sound of the sea and a refreshing cocktail.

Undoubtedly, the European countries are perfect for a fabulous photo shoot, love story, and a good holiday. In Paris, you can make a gorgeous wedding photo session at the observation deck of the famous Eiffel Tower or the vast Versailles. In Austria, the Czech Republic, or you can rent a beautiful carriage with horses, which will bring the newlyweds in a fairytale castle or a church, where you can also perform the ceremony. In European countries, there are plenty of places to visit is not only romantic, but also informative. Europe is attractive by the fact that the distance between the two countries are quite small, and in one trip, you can visit several places. This part of the light is designed for active recreation, so the hotels here are quite modest, with not very extensive infrastructure.

For fans of more exotic holiday we can consider a trip to the island. The most popular beach location for newlyweds: Dominican Republic, Maldives, Seychelles. Of course, the resorts in these countries is significantly different from European. Firstly, the hotels here have a fairly large territory, as well as a rich infrastructure. they are almost all on the first line. Many hotels are focused on the newlyweds, living in some hotels, you can get a bonus in the form of ornaments room, bottle of champagne and fruit basket, complimentary in-room breakfast or dinner in one of the gift of the restaurants. Many hotels offer their services to a photo shoot, rent wedding dresses, makeup and hair stylist services. Wedding ceremony on the white sand looks great.

For those who like something unusual, you can see the north of the country and to hold the wedding ceremony in the snow. Whether it's the snowy Lapland or Austrian ski resorts, the bride on skis or in a team of purebred dogs will look unforgettable.

When choosing a place for a wedding, it is important to take into account the climate, the local cuisine, the visa regime. But by and large, no matter where the wedding took place, whether it's hot or Africa, Russian cold, most importantly, that the couple loved each other and found happiness in marriage.


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