Nature and ecology of Alaska

Аляска, лёд, горы, снег, небо

The wilderness of Alaska, as well as the diversity and magnificence of nature, provided for a long time the resources and inspiration of those who were lucky to live here. The wealth and wealth of the state accrue a long history. It begins back in the days when the first settlers arrived via the Bering bridge. Wandering through the territory of the present state, the tribes sought resources for living. They had to change their place all the time, because by nature they were hunters, but nevertheless lived in harmony with nature and the environment.

When in the eighteenth century the Russians arrived here, then, undoubtedly, they damaged the peninsula. Their purpose and main interest were sea gifts: seals, otters and other males. Just at this time they began to restore the number of their populations, but the activities of the Russian people very much suspended this process. After the Russians, the followers of the gold rush arrived in Alaska, who simply shoveled all the rivers in search of precious metal. Now you can see here a lot of destroyed mines and excavations, which are unforgettable scars of this land.

After the discovery of oil in Alaska in the 1970s, the state's population increased even more. People carried out their activities, not paying attention to the fact that it will inevitably lead to a deterioration of the environment and health of the earth. A whole system was built for the production of this valuable substance, the remnants of which you can contemplate today.

Today Alaska is a wild green corner of our planet. Here live the largest populations of bears, moose, wolves, bald eagles (a symbol of the United States). In Alaska you can see animals that are not found anywhere else in our land. Such a diversity of wildlife is explained not only by the fact that it is far from the outside world, but also because it has the largest number of protected areas and parks around the world.

However, a number of environmental problems still exist. Great damage to the nature of Alaska brought, of course, various types of excavations, as well as global warming. The water level in the sea increased, so a large number of villages that were in the coastal zone were destroyed. Glaciers melt, and the water temperature rises, which creates an unacceptable habitat for many marine animals. Invasion of various types of insects, as well as frequent fires ravage once thick forests and valleys of the state.


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