Natural beauties of Sri Lanka

Natural beauties of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered a shining country because of the translation of the name from Sanskrit. Until 1972, Sri Lanka was officially called Ceylon and for many this island south of India and remained Ceylon. The word "ceylon" is the wrong pronunciation of the Portuguese word "Zeilau", this is what the Portuguese pioneers called this island. The modern name of this beautiful but troubled state is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. This pearl of the Indian Ocean gained independence in 1948. Sri Lanka is a beautiful and colorful world. In the damp corners of the country grow tropical forests, and forests resistant to monsoons with valuable timber - in the dry northern parts. It also grows world famous tea, which began to grow in the distant 1876, when the British merchant James Taylor decided to establish a tea plantation in the region of Luli Kandy.

As the region has all the conditions for growing tea (a warm climate, a suitable height and a stepped landscape), it has turned into a huge tea plantation.

Adam's peak is famous for its beautiful garden at its foot. The peak of Adam is the highest mountain and the symbol of religious toleration. It is said that it was here that Adam made the first steps on Earth when he was expelled from paradise. The locals call it the sacred track that the Buddha himself left on his way to heaven. The Hindus call it Samanalakanda or the Butterfly Mountain and believe that butterflies come here to die and that this is the throne of Shiva. To this sacred place, at 2243 meters above sea level, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists flock. The peak of Adam is considered one of the most revered temples of mankind and perhaps this is the only place in the world where representatives of all denominations speak the same language. Rise on the ancient staircase, similar in appearance to the temples of the ancient Maya, a real test, but the view that opens from its summit is worth it.

The Indian elephant lives in Sri Lanka. He is smaller than African and has small ears. The Indian elephant is 2-4 meters high and 5 tons high. Elephants in the history of Sri Lanka occupy a place of honor and in ancient times they belonged to the crown and their murder is still considered a serious crime.

According to legend, the Maya queen had a dream on the eve of Buddha's birth in which a white elephant stood on her right hand. The court interpreters saw in her dream an omen that she would have a great man and they were not mistaken. Local people refer to elephants with reverence and the procession of elephants across the city to a watering place is an unforgettable sight.

Sri Lanka is a paradise for botanists and plant lovers. A mild climate favors the growth of plants. Local orchids are unique flowers and here they are of all shapes, colors and sizes. Rhododendron thickets, endless poppy fields and heather grow on the hilly part of the island. Unique trees bloom from March to May.

Yala National Park. Here lives a huge number of birds and two subspecies of Indian elephants. The park is also home to the marsh crocodile. However, the greatest pride of the park is the spotted leopard. This is a unique Sri Lankan subspecies and here there are 35 individuals. In the national park, they are not threatened by anything and all conditions are created for them. They lead a quiet life, like Asian buffaloes.


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