Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico City


Mexico is rich in fascinating history of ancient civilizations. The city itself is a contrasting combination of old buildings and structures with modern apartment complexes. The city has many places that are of great historical value, and next to them are the

luxury hotels

The historical center and the capital of this country is Mexico. He is one of the biggest cities in the world. This city is developed enough, but at the same time he retained much from past eras.

The main city square - Zocalo -is a unique place in which archaeologists have discovered the remains of a city of the Aztecs. This happened in the construction of the metro. The Spaniards were amazed when they saw the ancient ruins, but for some reason they decided not to keep, and build on this place their own city. On the square is the Presidential Palace and Catholic Cathedral. The Cathedral was built more than one hundred years, and the result was that he made in a variety of architectural styles. Near the cathedral is located the bust Guatemoc - is the personification of Indian morale.

Basilica of Saint Guadalupe is located not far from the city center. She lined up in honor of the most revered saint of Mexico. Every year on December 11th, thousands of pilgrims seek here on the feast of St. Mary.

To see the archaic pyramid, you need to visit the city of Teotihuacan. This is a major political, economic and religious center in Mesoamerica.

"Valley of the Volcanoes" is on its way back in one city in Mexico - Puebla. In this city of historical value buildings that are built in the style of the Mexican Baroque. The most famous - is the church of Santo Domingo and Del Rosario (Chapel).

The city of Chichen Itza - it is the largest cultural center of the Maya; they held important ceremonies here, including people sacrificed to their gods. In the town of Palenque, scientists have discovered a complex system, which was used for the water supply. It represents a network of ditches, channels and so on. There is the famous Temple of the Sun and the Cross.

The largest number of ancient monuments remained in the city of Uxmal: Great Pyramid, the House of dwarf (otherwise - Pyramid of the Magician), and the Palace of the Governor, in which stands the famous two-headed jaguar throne.

In Mexico, as in any other major city, including street bustle, you can see the unique fingerprints of life of ancient tribes. Those distant era in Mexico, you can feel very close.


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