Meeting in Riga New Year

Meeting in Riga New Year

We all pretty thoroughly prepare for the New Year. We think through food, dress, program. I want everything to be "on the highest level." After all, we know how to celebrate New Year's holiday, so spend it. What do you think about the New Year in a different country? Can flights to warm Southeast Asia or the Caribbean. But most of us New Year's holiday is an association with snowy days, mandarin, salad "Olivier" and champagne. Therefore, climate change is not fundamentally. Remain the CIS and Baltic countries. It's all at home, but with a local flavor. Let's take a closer look at the Baltics. You tell me that much? I think no more than what you spend on a treat for New Year's Eve and the holidays. And if you take care of booking the hotel now, if not get cheaper. Tell us about your celebration of the New Year holidays in Riga and Jurmala and Tallinn. We booked three hotels, one in Riga and Tallinn, two in somewhere for a month. We arrived in Riga with friends in a car during the day on December 30. On the border made sure that we had enough gasoline at all of our journey through the Baltic States (which I advise you, as petrol prices bite there). We walked a little town, ate at the mall (incidentally, the prices are comparable to ours). December 31 walked through the center of Riga. The old town is very impressive and is a must see. In the hotel we met the New Year Moscow time, and in Riga decided to meet in the city. They called a taxi. By the way, the price of a taxi pleasantly surprised, as there is no New Year's coefficient. We arrived on the central embankment of the River Daugava. At the entrance we were greeted by police, searched the backpacks and seeing alcohol, smiled. It turned out that alcohol can carry a prohibited only fireworks. On the embankment was established scene, it went for a show. Along the river there were a such fires in the grid so that people can get warm and dry closets rank (absolutely free!) Program was also in Russian and Latvian. All fun, kindly communicated, embraced, treated each other who it was. The whole atmosphere was so friendly that did not jibe with the one that we saw on TV. When the clock struck midnight, I started a stunning fireworks display on the other bank of the Daugava, which lasted a half hour. The mood lifted even more. It was a real holiday feeling and magic. Then we went to the central square. There are several music sites were organized. You could dance, sing, have some fun. But everything was good, no one is watching you Russian, Latvian and German! The first of January we spent in Jurmala. Beautiful, nice, expensive. Next was Talin. Talin, in general, a fantastic city! The central part of the old town - really old! The impression that you are in the medieval city! A type of restaurants: «Older Hansa» and «Beer Hause» only contribute to greater sense of traveling through time! Although it was in Tallinn I myself felt how we, Russian, do not like it. But that's another story. Well? Infect a desire to change the tradition of celebrating the New Year in front of the TV? Go ahead, plan your trip, book your hotel! It's not too expensive, and believe me, it's worth it!


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