Medieval fortresses in St. Petersburg

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Medieval fortresses in St. Petersburg

The epoch of the Middle Ages left its traces everywhere, including in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. In the vicinity of this city there are several ancient castles and fortresses. Ivangorod fortress was built in 1492 on the bank of Narva and was named in honor of that king, who at that time reigned.

On the territory of the Ivangorod Fortress there are two churches. One of them is the Nikopol, and the other is the Assumption. But as we understand that the fortress without a cannon is not a fortress, therefore on the territory of this fortress one can see a cannon, the manufacturer of which is the Perm plant. If you want to climb the red wall, then you have to overcome more than one step. Having risen on this wall, you will have a view of the Narva fortress.

If you want to climb inside the walls, then remember that there are very steep turns and narrow steps. It is better to take a flashlight with you.

This fortress had several towers, but the best preserved are two: Provant and Gateway. The height of the Gate Tower is 24 meters and it began to be so called after the gate was built in the wall of the Front City, which was next to the tower. The Provision Tower is very similar to the Gateway, but today it looks a little bit changed. The name of the tower is directly related to the fact that the food was stored there.

On the western wall of the Boyarskoy city, the stone masonry has been preserved since the beginning of the fortress structure. Two-horn teeth are also preserved. There is also a well tower, in which was found a hiding place, which ended with a room with a well.

This fortress is fraught with many mysteries and mysteries. For today, it is still fanned by the glory of the victories that have been won over the enemies. And the local population greatly appreciates its beauty of architecture, although to this day no one knows the name of the one who created it

The history of St. Petersburg contains many secrets, which have not yet been solved.


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