Medical tourism. The reasons for the popularity

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In Russia, on the medical tourism we have learned at the end of the last century. Then the Russians went to the West to do plastic surgery. It was believed that doctors h abroad in such surgical correction more competent. Today, the Russians have Russian cosmetology center, but for the rest of the medical services and the need to go on the availability of financial opportunities. Everyone understands that to be treated abroad is not cheap.

However, the well-being of Russians is growing, and many successfully combine rest and medical care as well as organize targeted travel abroad to improve their health. Do not think that foreigners do not come to Russia with similar goals.

The reasons that people choose to treat another country, may be different, but the main three.

First, the patient wants to get cheaper than at home medical services. The cost of the same procedures in different countries may differ significantly. For example, US citizens are much more profitable to do the operation, visiting Thailand, Singapore and Argentina. The cost of surgery in these countries, on average, 10 times less than in America.

Secondly, the patient seek quality medical services, even if they are more expensive. For this reason, they give birth in America, cancers treated in Israel or Germany.

Third, some countries prohibit certain medical interventions or restrict the legislation, such as in vitro fertilization or the use of stem cells. With these questions, Americans go to Russia and Ukraine.

However, medical tourism has its risks that you need to know in advance before you start planning a trip.

Firstly, do not forget about the period of rehabilitation, which is no less important than the surgery itself. In hot countries, complications may occur in the climate background. Therefore, carefully consider how you can extend the stay abroad, if necessary.

Secondly, it is an opportunity to catch some infections that are specific to the country in which you decide to do the operation. When choosing exotic country take care of the appropriate vaccinations in advance. And also do not forget about the peculiarities of the climate, of local epidemics and diseases.


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