Loutraki - health resort in Greece

Лутраки, Греция, фото, отдых, море, яхта, туризм, солнце

Loutraki - a famous for its healing waters of the resort, which is located near the Peloponnese peninsula, surrounded on one side by mountains and on the other - the sea. Even in the times of the Roman Empire, there were the first baths (baths), which were built near the hot springs.

Now the resort is famous for its mineral waters, the ability to pass wellness and relax.

Loutraki - a quiet, peaceful place, but at the same time is quite developed infrastructure. More than 50 hotels and private pensions are willing to annually receive about 10 thousand tourists. Do guests have the perfect opportunity to visit the cultural sites of Ancient Greece - The Acropolis, Mycenae, Ancient Corinth. The city should pay attention to the ruined temple of the goddess Hera, the monastery of St. Potapov, Roman villa. Do not be indifferent and Lake Vouliagmeni, located a few kilometers from Loutraki. This lake is shrouded in myths and legends that at great depths is a city that sank in ancient times. Healing air, clear water, through which you can see the fish, perfect beaches covered with pebbles and sand - all to Loutraki for 20 years to receive a symbol of purity - the Blue Flag. air summer the resort is heated to 30 degrees, and the water - up to 25 degrees. Therapeutic mineral water you can drink from the tap, because it is everywhere!

You do not have to be bored here. Have fun can be in the water parks and the casino (by the way, one of the largest in Europe), in the evening to visit the restaurants and discos. Do not forget about the fans here and fishing and diving. You can be as yachting and water skiing. The city is famous for its excellent Greek cuisine, which can be enjoyed in the outdoor cafes and restaurants, which are located directly on the waterfront. It is worth noting the fact that there is always a lot of Russian tourists rest, and take this into account when drawing up the menu. Healing mineral waters are beneficial to the state of the stomach, intestines, kidneys, heals nervous system, musculoskeletal system. It is also important that those wishing to improve their health have a great opportunity to save money, because in winter the prices are much lower than in the summer.

Loutraki is perfectly suited for families, because here no one will not be bored, and the healthy air will be useful for the youngest and the oldest members of the family!


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