Limousin - the most exotic region of France

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Limousin - French wilderness. You could say it's the most exotic region of France. He was deprived of nearly all the attributes which are peculiar to this country and associated with it. It is not made of great cheeses and wines, there is neither sea nor mountain or spa resorts. There are no amusement parks, major art galleries and is not practiced riotous nightlife. There is no evidence of the ambitious French hi-tech breakthrough, and old sites represented mainly mid-level and lower. Rather poor region and culinary delights - the most common dish would have liked our loving hearty and simple food peasants felt with red faces (steak with potatoes).

The logical question is, "What is there?" The answer: lush pastures, lakes, waterfalls, ecological safety and provincial mentality of the natives. Bribes for show and neturistichnost this area. And here - an opportunity to see how the French live, not looking at foreign visitors. Limousin occupies the western part of the Massif Central and is composed of the departments of Haute-Vienne ((Haute-Vienne), Creuse (Creuse), Corrèze (Correze) Ta portion, which is closer to the Auvergne, more wildly, and one that is adjacent to the plain Poitou. - pasture pastoral and provoke local residents to engage in dairy farming.

The region is also known for its traditional crafts (pottery, enamel). The history of Limousin simple as three francs. In Roman times the provincial periphery, in the early Middle Ages - the same thing. Then, together with Aquitaine under the rule of the British, after the Hundred Years' War - French province, one of the most backward. At the beginning of the XXI century the situation is not much changed for the better. In conclusion - the answer to a logical question that arises immediately when you hear the name "Limousin".

What does this have to do with the wilderness automotive innovations that was once carried on luxury cars, that is, the driver and of VIP-passengers in the back seat was separated by a partition? This is what the people of this province once wore hats, vaguely reminiscent of the contours in the profile of high-end car. And the word "limousine" is familiar to breeders - in the vicinity of Limoges grown bulls breed cows cream, which after Charolais second in terms of gains in beef cattle.

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