Leisure activities in France in winter

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The main sport, because of which in France are arriving crowd of travelers from all over the world, and to deal with them, and do not go to sports tournaments - skiing. And whether it's ski slopes, ski-hiking or skiing, the French themselves enthusiastically attached to him. However, skiing can be expensive, and the best you are likely to offer tour operators selling package all at once can be arranged already in France or before departure (most agencies sell "all inclusive" tours) for the independent traveler.

While skiing in the mountains in France can be from early November to late April, the season peaks in February and March. The best ski slopes are located in the Alps. The higher the resort, the longer it lasts the season and the less you have to worry about whether the fall at the right time 67 enough snow or not. Almost all ski resorts such as Tignes, Les Deux Alpes and Val Thorens are very modern and equipped with the latest lifting equipment. They are perfect for those who are ready to ski from morning till night, but they lack the charm of the atmosphere and the night life of old resorts on the lower slopes, such as Megève and Courchevel.

The foothills of the Alps in Provence features the same mix of old and new, albeit on a smaller scale. Typically, residents of the Riviera come there, and because the prices are very high, although there if tired of the snow, you can always escape to the coast. The ranges of the Pyrenees where friendlier, less built up (although this may be a disadvantage if you want the day to try as many different slopes), and there is warmer - that is, the season is shorter and the desired level of snow is not always guaranteed. Ski tours (ski de fond) strongly promoted, particularly in the Jura mountains in the Massif Central region, which is less than the Pyrenees and the Alps.

Sometimes this sport seems easy, but do not be fooled: it requires less physical training than ski slopes. However, for really experienced skiers in good shape such trips can be a great way to travel on snow-covered trails GR from one village to another unknown, which has not yet touched the total commercialization. Several independent tour operators organize courses hiking on mountain skiing in the French mountains. As well as around the world, snowboarding and freestyle skiing have become extremely popular in France (so much so that even took place on the Snowboard World Cup to Le Deux Alpes in 2002).


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