Resort Kemer (Turkey)

Resort Kemer (Turkey)

One of the most famous and attractive tourist resorts in Turkey is the town of Kemer, in a beautiful location surrounded by the Taurus Mountains and the warm Mediterranean Sea. The main attraction of Kemer is its picturesque landscapes: mountains, pine forests, crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches with sand and pebbles.

The period from May to October is considered to be a velvet season, as the water temperature in November is not as comfortable, but the winter months are more and rainy. The average temperature in the swimming season is about 34 degrees, however, the fresh air of the mountains perfectly helps to transfer heat.

Kemer is perfect for a quiet family holiday, and for the rapid youth fun. In terms of price, Kemer is also universal. Here you can easily find budget 2 * hotels or stay in luxury 5 * and presentable.

Rich in Kemer and entertainment for all tastes and budgets: here and own a dolphinarium, with cute dolphins and sea lions, the popular tourist park "Moonlight", "Paradise Bay" with light water, famous far beyond the borders of the Turkish coast nightclubs Aura , Inferno, «Crystal».

At curious tourists have a great opportunity to go on excursions and enjoy the beauty of the ancient cities of Perge, Myra in Lycia, Miletus, Ephesus (located not far from Kemer), visit nature reserves, scenic bay, located in the villages of Kiris, Göynük, Tekirova, as well as the famous fire mountain Yanartash and Beldibi cave.

Fans of extreme and active recreation will also be something to do - this jeep safari, rafting, scuba diving and incredible yacht tours over all routes.

For travelers who prefer "lazy" beach holiday, perfect as the beautiful beaches adjacent to the hotel grounds (many are the proud status of "Blue Flag") and the unspoiled beaches of the park "Moonlight", located near the citrus groves.

Do not leave indifferent Kemer and the most refined palates. At their disposal a huge number of unique gastronomic establishments, skillfully combine traditional European and local cuisine. Fans of seafood can enjoy themselves in one of the most popular restaurants in the city Monte Kemer. For those who want to enjoy Turkish cuisine perfect restaurant Magic Mount, which is also located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.

For tourists who do not want too much to spend on food, provided a large selection of restaurants with international cuisine at very attractive prices.


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