Krasnodar region and its resorts

Krasnodar region and its resorts

Unforgettable will leave to those who decide to spend it in the Krasnodar region. Holidays here can become what it is itself a tourist from a quiet walk through the national parks to fast driving on a scooter or parachuting.

Very popular resorts of Krasnodar began to use during the time of the Soviet Union. Today, all the coastal cities are actively modernized. On the old, abandoned old-style boarding increasingly grow luxury hotels and entertainment venues of the European sample.

Krasnodar region is particularly diverse. So, in the northern part is dominated by a temperate continental climate, while in the south subtropical determined.

In the Krasnodar district is very well developed fauna. In fact, in each of the local forest can be found rare animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

It is impossible to imagine without the Kuban and luxurious vineyards. Here it is grown best in Russia grapes. The warm climate of the area allows you to grow and bear fruit virtually all existing in the territory of fruit trees.

Perfect alternative to the sea beaches in this part of the country can become a mountain vacation. With the help of experienced guides, each tourist can learn about all the secrets of the Caucasus mountain and see them up close. If desired, and physical strength, can be reached even at the highest point of the mountain of the Caucasus and a bird's eye to enjoy the incredible scenery of the forest.

Highly appreciate the extreme sports, young people who are not afraid of fast swimming in mountain rivers.

It will be interesting in the Krasnodar Territory and in the winter. One of the best ski resorts in the region can be called Krasnaya Polyana.

If we talk about the beach and the sea, then it is impossible not to recall Sochi. The whole world knew about this mega resort just after 2014. That's when the city hosted the world's athletes to the Olympic Games. The mild climate, a great number of modern hotels, spas, entertainment for every taste and well-developed infrastructure. All this brings Sochi among the best resorts in the world.


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