Jamaica Carib dark horse

Ямайка, море, остров, пляж, рай, отпуск, путешествие

In the south of Cuba, you may find Jamaica, well-known for its rum and reggae, but few know that it is also a universal tax haven. In 1971 it was published the law that allows foreigners to establish an international financial company in the country. The tax burden is as much as 2.5% of the general income subject to two conditions - the citizens of Jamaica can not have more than 5% of the company and all trade must be focused or overseas country or exclusively serve tourists and foreigners. In the case of trade with the local population should be fully pay taxes.


Despite the fact that everything seems to be done to attract foreign investment, Jamaica did not succeed in this field. There are several reasons. Firstly, no-good telecommunications system. Phones do not work, and most of the time is late. Real Jamaica is not like businessmen who expect to succeed in the country. This poor overpopulated island where life is a criminal act and a miserable soup. Beaches with palm trees there, but many of them are dirty. Several pristine beaches owned by wealthy foreigners and protected with the help of cameras and armed guards.


Furthermore, the banking secrecy in Jamaica absent and although there are no restrictions on foreign exchange operations, local bureaucrats inventing obstacles on the spot. This makes it very doubtful the possibility of the successful organization of a decent trade even resourceful businessman. Honest aboriginal, who would manage your offshore and daily cared about how things are going, too hard to find. When you are trying to do business, you are surrounded on all sides by incompetent upstarts. Slaboobrazovannye local authorities - this is a real pain in the ass, a real burden for anyone kogda-libo tried to do in Jamaica chem-nibud but to enjoy on the beach of the famous novel, although there is the intention to foist Aboriginal you chto-nibud of their products can turn this simple activity into a nightmare.


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