Israel's Paradise - En Gedi Nature Reserve

Israel's Paradise - En Gedi Nature Reserve

It's hard to find a place in the world where, despite the high temperatures and arid climate, dry rocks and sand, instead of the usual ground, there is a large variety of flora and fauna, many springs and tiny streams, hitting the key from the deep bowels of the earth. One such rare representatives is an oasis of En Gedi, hitting any tourist for its beauty and grandeur.

The date of the foundation of this reserve is credited to 1972, in order to protect the rare and exceptional amazing plants and animals, some of which are listed as endangered. Previously, in order to get to the oasis, it was necessary to pass a few days in the desert, that it was not always safe, but now enough to buy a bus ticket to Jerusalem and take the flight in anticipation of spectacles, known since biblical times.

Fanciful landscapes, folding in the valleys of two rivers - David and Arugot, are striking in their beauty and variety of trees and shrubs gives the enigmatic and mysterious place, sometimes giving the opportunity to escape from the scorching sun.

Once inadvertently tourists in summer 2005 there were two fires, which has suffered as a result of some vegetation, which fairly quickly restored, due to their properties and adaptability. So after a few months the place looked as if nothing had happened and once again delighted visitors with its rare herbs.

Almost all animals, even carnivores, not afraid of people, and vice versa - can safely go out to meet the tourists and even give themselves to touch and pat. Predators adapted not to attack humanity, and carry small pets from a small nearby settlements.

Particularly widespread mountain goats here, gathering in small groups and grazing are always together. Another unique in its kind, the animal - the lady. Meet here you can not even bothering to search for. In appearance they resemble a large and well-fed rodents representatives, but in fact they are very mobile and like to climb trees or the slopes of the valleys.

Especially good are sheltered by representatives of the cat - cheetahs. In regular life, with a large number of settlements around and the constant influx of tourists spotted these animals have adapted to live without attacks on people and food by small animals, and sometimes even vegetation.


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