Incoming tourism. For foreigners like Russia?

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Russia - a riddle for foreigners and at the same time, more and more foreign tourists every year eager here. First of all, they want to see with my own eyes the famous architectural monuments, which are celebrated all over the world. Russian churches and cathedrals, churches and buildings of secular architecture are building a national tradition and art of constructing buildings.

Foreigners traveling in Russia, attracted by its infinite riches in culture. In the world there are no museums of art, which are renowned State Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery. Hear the music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff is possible anywhere, but to see original works of Russian avant-garde artists of the Wanderers and the opportunity to only where they are officially kept.

In addition to fine art, foreign tourists eager to take away as a souvenir of Russia something traditional. The famous Russian Matryoshka has long been a national symbol, her image with wooden figures spread to other objects aways (calendars, pens, mugs and t. N.). In addition to dolls, with the Russian national culture of foreigners traditionally associated Zhostov trays, Gzhel souvenirs, Orenburg downy shawls.

The Russian people are attracted to foreigners, not only for its distinctive mentality (with its sensuality and warmth). Russian women have long been renowned overseas beauty and elegance. Culture Russian feast and Russian cuisine (soup, jelly, cakes, vodka, etc.) Also act as the subject of attention of foreign tourists. Let us not forget the migrants from neighboring countries, who are also foreigners, but have a utilitarian purpose soon - work, money, etc.

Starting from 2014 Incoming tourism is constantly gaining momentum in Russia. This is due to the fact that the overnight cost of the tour in Russia for foreigners has decreased almost twice due to a collapse of our currency. And so it happens that of the cons are obtained advantages too.


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