In Turkey, we were fed worse than pigs ...

In Turkey, we were fed worse than pigs ...

A couple of years ago my friends and I rested in a very, very budget "troika", but if we knew what awaits us for a buffet, in life would not go to this hotel. It was in Kemer, it's a very beautiful city with a magnificent nature and a lot of different entertainments.

Everything would be fine if they did not feed us with "strange" food, I would even say terrible and inedible! To choose really was not from anything that was given for dinner, it went to dinner. Vegetables, and even those, were all winded and tasteless. I do not know what budget this hotel has for food for tourists, but it seems even the pig would not have such a thing. A couple of times for 10 days for dinner was a chicken and it was a truly great day!

Therefore, my advice to you before booking a hotel, study the reviews on the Internet, to find them is not a problem, otherwise you will be very sorry ...


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