In Italy by train

In Italy by train

One of the most convenient ways to travel around Italy is by train, because the railway network covers almost the whole country, even the smallest by our standards, villages. But to avoid problems, you need to know a few rules.

Buy tickets can be either at the cashier (usually they know at least basic English) or in round-the-clock automatic devices by a card. Ideally, before buying a ticket, you need to study the timetable, since the trains differ in terms of comfort and speed: the fastest and most expensive ones are Eurostar, the simpler is the Regionale, which stops at each half-station, so this is the thing for traveling to small towns, and economically , And convenient, although usually there is no air conditioner in such trains, this must also be taken into account.

By the way, tickets for Eurostar can also be bought on the Internet, then the controller needs to show the ticket code, and you can even not print it, but simply write it down.

Before boarding a train, you must necessarily validate your ticket, otherwise ubiquitous inspectors will write out a fine! This is done either at the station, or already on the platform (yellow boxes the size of the postal).

It's even more important not to take a train in a category other than yours - it's a fine, and the controllers in Italy are adamant! Sometimes it happens that along the same route and around the same time there is the train Regionale and Eurostar, they are usually easy to distinguish in appearance: the first is more like our electric trains, often old and painted graffiti, while the latter are more modern ones.

In order not to get confused, especially at large cities, you need to know a bit about the geography of the country, because tickets do not always indicate the train number, but only the direction. For example, if you go from Venice to Verona, then on the scoreboard will be written "Milano" (Milan, ie the final point).

If in doubt, it's best to check with the paper schedule, it usually hangs in all the transitions and on the platform platforms and it's easy to understand, the main thing is to know the time of departure of your train.


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