How to travel without money.

How to travel without money.

Are you bored? You do not know what to do? I'm tired of all? Perhaps you need something new - a new hobby? How to travel through? Expensive? No time? No money? ... Never mind. Travel can be no money !!! Nuuu ... almost without money. Just kidding? No! Are you bored? Interested? You can not just like that off the place? So it is not necessary. Start planning! Where do you want to get there? To Brazil? Wow! Or maybe you will choose something better? What am I talking about? Well, that's about Europe, for example. Yes almost free. Here are some tips as you think!


Recommended two directions: hitchhiking Europe or Southeast Asia (Southeast Asia). First at hand and do not need a flight, widespread kouchserfing. The prices are much lower than Asia, that house, that food, plus color, gorgeous beaches, but expensive flight.


Kouchserfing - it is such mutual assistance between the tourists, when you arrive at some city and you can stay the night at the party of the society. The conditions for such accommodation is often an order of magnitude better than the hostels, and absolutely free, also can feed and ride where it is necessary. But here is the thing: you lodge there is no obligation and it is not necessary to become impudent. Much depends on your charm. Hoster name owners accepting surfers. And they both have their own rating, so when you're just starting, ALWAYS carefully fill in all the blanks of your profile (on the site and, it was interesting to have shelter and talk to you. Sites kouchserfingu - and In this case, you will be only your charisma and knowledge of the language, even English. Establish contact is always trying to be able to speak a little bit in the local language or trying to learn a few words.


You can sleep in a tent. Do not laugh, this is serious. Option, of course, not every day, but when the heat - then why not? Tent for 2 with plastic tubes weighs almost nothing and places are within a female umbrella. In major metropolitan areas it is not set, but for them to look at the previous point. In Europe, a lot of camping camps in which to put the tent will be cheaper than to rent a house in the city. In such campsites sometimes even very good service - a shower, a toilet, a kitchen where you can prepare food (products in Europe may not be expensive, but the food in the restaurants and accommodation are not cheap, so the ability to cook will save a lot of bucks) and other (sometimes even swimming pools and zoos). There is also free camping.


Use hitch. If you do not use the hitch allows the "something" that cooperate with friends and go to your car or rent a car. Auto - the most economical form of transport, unless of course you have not arrived loukost, for example, in Rome, and only there plan to spend their time. But if the purpose - extensive trip to Europe - then cars. Combine hitchhiking with other types of movement. Study on the Internet information about the city where you are going. You will be surprised how many can be seen in different cities for free. Although here, too, everything from town to town: in Vientiane can be boring, and in Bangkok, without money you can see a dozen gorgeous temples, museums and much more. If you pay for a visit to the museum (exhibitions, etc.), then choose only those which can be at least half a day to walk, such as the Louvre.


Volunteer farmer, volunteer chef.

Where such information has emerged - one can travel as a volunteer. You help a few hours a day, for example, on a farm, and in return for free live there and, if lucky, and eat free (this is only one option, and there are many different). For example, a resource - HelpStay. On assistance to farmers - so it WWOOF program. Another program - European Voluntary Service. The program is funded by the European Commission, so your cost is only 10% of the cost of the transfer to the place of "work", and the room and the rest is provided by the program (duration of 2-10 months, in addition to the EU countries of Norway, Iceland and Turkey).



Get started with this point a certain amount of delay, without which it could be and do every day. Putting aside, for the year, you collect a certain reserve. Calculate how much you spend on trips to the cafe for a beer with friends, or "non-essential" buy and try to save at least 1/4 of this amount. Here you another penny on the journey.

You know what is Kickstarter? If so, here's some good news - the world of wandering has its own analogue - Trevolta. Just think of the route of his journey, describe what he is special and may help you to realize your dreams


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