How to relax on vacation in Vietnam

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How to relax on vacation in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that gives a lot of incredible impressions.

Weather in Vietnam

The climate of the country is so successful that you can always stay in its territory where sun and warmth await you. Weather in Vietnam is favorable for rest at any time of the year, and amazing nature will strike with its contrasts and beauty. With a total length of over 2,000 km, Vietnam provides an opportunity to get to know and feel the nature of different climatic zones and belts.

Hotels that are in Vietnam, as a rule, combine, both the colonial style of France, and a fairly rich history of the traditions of the country itself. Simultaneously simple and refined, they are located on the square of all the most popular resorts. Choosing a place of residence for a certain period, you can choose the one that will be closer to you. The hotels are both executed in the style of the architecture of Vietnam, and built on a modern style. Choosing any hotel, you can be sure that the rooms will be as comfortable as possible with a truly excellent service, which we all want while on holiday.

Cuisine of Vietnam

Impressions from the rest will not be complete, if not get acquainted with the local cuisine. Vietnam, which absorbed the best traditions of the East and neighboring nations, was able to supplement its cuisine with brightly-flavored sauces and unique French recipes, which made it possible to become one of the most memorable in Southeast Asia.

The main products in Vietnamese cuisine are rice and vegetables, beef and pork, chicken are very much appreciated, and, of course, seafood can not be bypassed. Connoisseurs of non-traditional dishes will also remain under the impression - they are waiting for snacks of snakes and insects, which are served to the table in a number of food-oriented restaurants. It is necessary to try the varieties of local tea drinks and coffee, which is unlikely to leave you indifferent.

Rest in the country will be a pledge of excellent mood, new sensations and unforgettable impressions, if you do not forget to book a hotel about Vietnam, you can talk a lot, but it's better to visit there once. After that, you will surely want to visit the clean sea again and sunbathe under the friendly sun.


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