How to organize a trip for a child budget

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In today's world people have different material prosperity. Some have mansions and expensive cars, while others live in a small apartment and go to work by bus. But almost all have children who are severely upset when they find out that they can not as peers from well-off families, to travel and to travel during the autumn, winter or spring vacation.

As a rule, the reasons for which parents can not afford the journey, respectful and easy to explain to children. This lack of finance to be earned, and of free time, because before the holiday is still far.

It is important to explain the reasons to the child. He must understand and steadfastly endure frustration arose from the envy of their better-girlfriends and friends.

However, in any situation, there is an exit. For the comfort favorite son need to make a child, even a small and low cost, but a memorable journey. In any district and regional town has a large number of attractions that tourists like to visit. But local residents to museums, exhibitions and memorial sites go rarely or ignore them.

Therefore, parents need to search the internet and find out what famous small homeland, explore travel guide to the sights of the edge, make a route, and go with your child to travel on their homes. It is possible that this initiative first son or daughter will accept without enthusiasm. Like, what is the interest to travel where you live? However, we must try to motivate and inspire them.

To this end, the preparation for the trip is better to do in advance. However, a child on the eve of the first day of vacation travel bags to collect, examine and evaluate the route, find out what it might be of interest, gather information about the data field and choose the type of transport.

While traveling, wandering around with their children to museums and parks in the selected city, dine at cafes, go to the museum and theater, and spend the night, you can even in an inexpensive hotel room in which to book in advance. Of course, the journey will be more memorable if its period to visit several cities, and do it in one day is not easy. Thus the need to tune two or more days. To believe that the child would be happy to look out the window commuter train or bus, when, having taken a walk in one place, you will eat to watch another landmark, located a few dozen kilometers from the previous place.

And, of course, need to make a memorable shopping, let it be on the fridge magnets, badges or key rings, characteristic for this village crafts. They can give to friends and family.

You should always be photographed, because the journey is necessary to capture the child next to the monument or in a cafe. Then you can put photos on social networks or simply to show their peers and classmates.

Back at home the child will be delighted to remember the trip. After all, in his native city and the surrounding smaller settlements can be as interesting and informative. Give your children the joy, at the same time, you can instill a love for the native land!


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