How Russian girls are soldered abroad by Arabs

How Russian girls are soldered abroad by Arabs

I have not once rested in Arab countries, such as Egypt and Tunisia and of course I like to visit a good club, or even a few, while I am in another country. In Turkey, too, was not a bit like different clubs, and everywhere the situation is the same, in terms of Russian girls, tourists who come to the disco alone or with their girlfriends, and guys, by the way, too. And the local residents try to give a drink to the beautiful girl, so that later she will work it out, of course, as ????

This story also touched my friends, with whom we rested together in Egypt. The animator from our hotel beckoned everyone to the club "Little Budha", to which about 25 people gladly agreed. By the way, Zhenya is a huge respect, he is from Kiev, but at that time he worked as an animator in Egypt.

While we were coming off the dance floor, our friends were chatting sweetly with the bartender, who started singing them to the "fencer". He knew Russian language somehow, but girls still had principle, most importantly, that the alcoholic river.

I did not particularly distract them, I was with my company and for all the time I approached them twice.

After some time, drunken and frightened friends came running to us and started yelling that they are demanding 100 bucks or work out viscariks with their bodies, so I do not need to describe it in more detail? ????

Apparently, my not very smart girlfriends did not think about the consequences of such drinking in advance and for them this news was a surprise. Of course, I then spent a lengthy lecture on their "adventures."

Well, the minute they came up with their problem, we gathered in a few seconds and shot out of the club with a bullet, do not pay the same 100 bucks for a viscari?)

And these surprises can be found of course not only in Turkey, Egypt and other Arab countries, but all over the world! And if you are not sure that before you the "prince" who treats you with a pure heart, think a hundred times before taking a treat.


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