Honeymoon in Sochi

Honeymoon in Sochi

If a painful sense of patriotism, as well as limited financial means, leads you not somewhere, but in Sochi, in fact, you will have an excellent honeymoon!

To begin with, the golden season in Sochi is in August-September. It is a velvet time of fruits, a gentle sun and a special sunburn. However, housing prices are higher than, for example, in the "front tail of the season" - the end of May - the middle of June. It is clear that to buy a ticket to a sanatorium is an excellent solution, but if you want to save, then such opportunities are a lot. You can contact the tourist accommodation office right after your arrival. However, do not settle for copious offers at the train station or at the airport right away. Look at several options and choose the most convenient. In housing is important: proximity to the sea, to the clinics (if you want to combine business with pleasure), convenience (make sure, for example, the word "shower" means a shower in the street, or still normal and internal), the number of residents in the house. That is, if you are offered an excellent room in a house with fifty tenants, where one shower at all - it is better to look for more. Also ask what kind of entertainment and how close to home. Immediately mention that the central regions of Sochi, for example, the area of ​​Lenin Street, fraught with a strong traffic noise, traffic jams and the audibility of aircraft.

When you have decided on housing, it's time to plan the program. As a rule, in the city you can quickly find ticket sales centers for excursions. Arboretum, excursion to the tulip tree (by the way, it blooms in late May - early June), dolphinariums, thysosamsite grove ... Choose and go for amazing photos and impressions.

Well, and what to say about the sea itself. The sea is always stunningly beautiful, but try to choose paid beaches, or wild, but clean. If you have tender skin, try to sunbathe under a stretched sheet, or by providing yourself with suitable means of sunburn. Do not neglect the huge choice of water attractions, because these are unforgettable and joyful minutes for you two!

Well, finally. Sochi is an amazing resort city with a lot of opportunities and clubs. It is convenient to divide it into zones and devote each day to a separate one. For example, Monday - on Host, Tuesday - Adler, Wednesday - Lazarevskoe ... And successful and unforgettable rest!


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