Holidays in the UAE

Holidays in the UAE

United Arab Emirates - is first of all a country with an ancient culture and centuries-old traditions. For this reason alone it can not be of interest, and any real tourist at least once in life but traveled to the United Arab Emirates. Although this country has recently become independent, though the pace of its economic development is staggering. Already at this stage Arab Emirates is one of the most advanced countries in the world and the standard of living of local people can only envy.

Right in the middle of the Gulf stretched across the UAE glory. Surrounded by the gentle sea sunny beaches include traditional Arab markets with a variety of trinkets and national goods. Here you can see and buy things that can not be found anywhere else in the world. Holidays in the UAE, the price of which, even given the current exchange rate, quite adequate to be remembered to you and your family for many years. high-class hotels, bars and restaurants and just incredibly beautiful and colorful Arabian nature do its job - and you're bound to find yourself under the influence of charms of this country. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists in a hurry, and their number keeps growing and growing.

The weather here is quite hot, you could even say very hot. In summer temperatures reach forty degrees, which for many can be quite significant figure. However, if you observe all safety measures, namely to wear a hat, sunglasses and apply sunscreen is no problem with the state of health you will not have. In winter the temperature here never rises above thirty degrees, and is usually lower. So do not be superfluous to grab warm clothes if you are going to come here in the winter.


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