Holidays in Greece

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Holidays in Greece

Tourism is considered one of the main points in the article of the Greek economy. In this regard, this direction is extremely developed. Excellent conditions for rest allow you to spend an ideal time here, regardless of the time of the year.

Immediately after the New Year holidays comes the time of carnivals. People dress up in costumes of various heroes, organize contests, dance and sing. The most popular venue for this event is the city of Kastorje. It is located on the shore of a beautiful lake. Thousands of tourists come here to look at these colorful celebrations.

Ski resorts in Greece also meet all the requirements of both technical and comfort elements. One of such places to visit is the Parnassus mountain range. This kind of recreation here will be appreciated not only by beginners, but also by professionals.

In April and March, the weather is fine. This time is best spent on walks and getting to know the sights of this country.

On March 25, various parades and parades dedicated to the Independence Day of Greece can be observed. Fine weather and spring mood also contribute to spending time in the parks.

The beach season is already open in May. It should be noted that the beaches in Greece meet all environmental requirements. The presence of various water attractions and complexes will not leave indifferent family couples with children. Moderate humidity and excellent temperature, up to +30, will be appreciated even by the most fastidious people.

Opening of the festival of wine falls at the peak of the heat. It continues until the middle of autumn. July and August are best spent in the northern part of Greece. Of course, summer sales started also in summer can not be left unnoticed.

The best time of visit is September. The number of tourists is much less. The air is quite warm, and the water is warmed up to +24 degrees.

In October, it's still warm enough, but autumn rains begin already. And in November the whole country is in the power of autumn weather. This time is best to devote a wellness event. Such complexes are in most cases located at hotels.

Greece is considered one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year it attracts a huge number of tourists. The price of the tour, of course, depends on the season. The most expensive tours are in summer time, from the beginning of July to the end of August, and during the New Year holidays.


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