Holidays in Croatia

Holidays in Croatia

Croatia - is located in the central part of Europe is an interesting country, which remained certain mystique that causes a specific interest to tourists. Known blue Adriatic Sea, tall cypress trees, the fresh air on the beach with pine trees.

Its territory is diverse climatic zones. The mild climate of the Istrian peninsula and the rolling hills of Dubrovnik is replaced by mountains, steep cliffs that cuts into the sea. It is a country of a thousand islands, located off the coast of Croatia of all sizes - from small and secluded, to large, and inhabited by people. They play the role of defender of the winds, creating a comfortable climate.

A bit of history of the country.

Day of Croatian education is considered August 8, 1991 - day of the announcement of its independence from other republics of Yugoslavia. In its territory for a long time been part of the Roman Empire, then the Republic of Venice, then under Turkish rule. Also not on duty were part of Austria-Hungary and Italy. All this has had a major impact on the culture, architecture and cuisine of the country. Today it is a mixture of traditions of these countries, which makes Croatia unique.

What is worth visiting, while in Croatia?

Firstly, the lovers of entertainment and a vibrant nightlife should visit the island of Hvar, full of restaurants and clubs.

Secondly, during the day to visit the mythical nymph Calypso cave, located on the island of Mljet.

Third, the fans of extreme exercise canoeing on the river Cetina canyon.

Fourth, visit the romantic restaurant Radmanove Mlinitsy, located in an old mill in the open air.

What famous sights of the country?

From natural attractions worth a visit to Plitvice Lakes - a huge park of national importance. Being on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and included in the 10 most beautiful cascade of lakes. Surrounded by unspoiled forests, and are located in a recess in the region Northern Dalmatia mountains. 16 lakes combined with each other beautiful waterfalls, flowing streams, and grow along the banks of relict trees.

One of the most popular and well-preserved architectural and historic buildings is the Palace of Diocletian. Built on the coast with access directly to the pier. To date, his condition has received increased attention. On its territory are located souvenir shops, restaurants and original hotels.

Another structure of historical significance - is the amphitheater in a pool that has been preserved from the times of the Roman Empire. For more popularity he gets held here concerts of famous performers. The underground rooms housed the museum, and from the upper tiers offers a great view of the sea.

On the coast are famous resorts Dubravnik, Sibenik, Makarska Riviera. The beaches are mostly presented with concrete platforms. There is also a coast covered with pebbles.

In 20 sources possessing medicinal properties have the opportunity to improve their health. The clean and calm waters of the Adriatic attract the attention of divers.

In addition to the land of Croatia a large number of ancient castles. It created a lot of exciting excursion routes.


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