Historical features of Peru

перу, закат, горы, люди, дома, город

In South America there is a great and extraordinary country - Peru.

The name "Peru" came from the phrase "Biru", which is an Indian dialect means "river".

Peru - a country diverse geography and amazing nature. Sand shore it borders on the highlands, and the heath and the abyss - the high pastures and impassable swamps of the Amazon. Although, they are filled with water exclusively during rainstorms or during the melting of snow and ice in the Andes.

Severe wall Mountains rise due to the coastal desert. This designation, as well as possible to the word displays unusual color of the lake.

Highlands Sierra covered meadows and high pastures, but the eastern part of the state - jungle - captured rampant immense forests. Nature in this country is actually quite contrasting and expressive.

Even before the country was born of the Incas, Peru, on land previously attended ancient cultures such as the Chavin, Wari, Nazca.

On a hill about 3.5 meters above sea level, is located the town of Cusco, which is considered the capital of the Inca Empire. In this ancient town found ruins belonging to the third century BC up.

Despite the fact that during the period of Spanish domination numerous churches and palaces of the Incas were, destroyed the spiritual level of the ancient Indian culture was preserved and continued their grandchildren.


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