Hainan Island. Benefits tours to Hainan

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Away from the big cities of China is the largest island of Hainan, won a place in the top preferences of tourists from around the world. This is the only island in China, located in the tropical belt, became known as "Oriental Hawaii" on the basis of geographical features of its location.

Amazing nature of this place is striking bright and colorful scenery, beautiful beaches, diverse flora and fauna, some endemic species represented. The southern and central part of the island abound in forests, as well as mango, coconut and banana plantations. In the north of the island is the city of Haikou-millionaire, who is considered the administrative center of the province of Hainan. Here it is concentrated numerous resorts, hotels of different categories and created all favorable conditions for recreation and entertainment. Special climatic conditions contribute to the island year-round recreation. Despite the incredibly well-developed infrastructure of tourism and the greatest influx of tourists, Hainan remains clean area.

Hainan is famous not only beach holiday, but also numerous hot springs scattered throughout the island. These thermal springs, different in their chemical composition and temperature, are widely used in combination with traditional acupuncture and Chinese massage miraculous in the treatment of various diseases.

The capital is the city of Sanya, located in the southern tip of the island, surrounded by mountains. Five kilometers from Sanya Luhuitou Peninsula is. Appearance Luhuitou resembles a deer standing on the shore. The local people Lee has a beautiful legend about a hunter and a deer. The legend tells of how a deer hunter almost overtaken, turned to his pursuer, and suddenly turned into a girl of extraordinary beauty. They immediately fell in love with each other and got married soon. And many years later, the place of their first meeting was a beautiful piece of nature. This legend has inspired local artists to create numerous paintings, which can easily be bought in nearby shops.

Near the capital there are three bays, called Sanya, Yalong and Sanyavan. Here are concentrated the best resorts of the island, a fantastically rich underwater world, dug in the sea cliffs, mountains covered with wild, dense forests.


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