Greece, as it is: things to do on the islands

Греция, руины, античность, архитектура, памятники, достопримечательности Греции

Now all the tabloids write about the financial problems of Greece and that its economy is falling every day that social unrest is no end in sight, but when I hear about Greece, I recall the warm sunshine, amazing scenery, rocks, sea and beaches ... This is what Greece means to me. It is in such a Greece, I fell in love, when held on its islands year of life. It was in the early '70s.

A famous American professor and writer Christopher Bakken also loved Greece, when he lived there for a couple of years in the early '90s. This study Greek Islands inspired his delightful book that brought him international fame and a few prestigious awards.

Bakken moved to Greece to teach in Thessaloniki (the second largest city), where he spent two years. After a long visit, he still came back many times, and after two decades Greece has become his second home.

In his latest book, he described the great national and local cuisine. He writes: "Most of what I learned about Greece, I learned at the table. The country's history is based on four ingredients: olives, bread, fish and cheese. "

To this day, the professor likes to collect olives and grapes on the island of Thassos. In Crete, he learned to make bread from the dough using a special recipe. On the island of Naxos, he learned to make cheese. On the island of Chios, he was a shepherd for some time, this activity allowed him to spend hours thinking among cold rocks. On Kithira he went to taste the delicious honey, which are served themselves gods on Olympus. All the islands have excellent beaches. Sorry, but you can not swim in the spring, the water is still very cold.

Culinary quest Bakken professor led him into the heart of the countryside of the island. Having been to Thassos, I met many of the heroes of his books: restaurateurs, farmers, shepherds, harpooners, hunters, and many other inhabitants of the island.

Thanks to the book, I learned about the existence of the rite of spring in Crete, where on Saturday night bakers leave their kitchens and flock to the church, the priest blessed their work.

On the island of Thassos, I realized the true meaning of the word "Kefi", ie joy. Bakken calls it a moment of euphoria, when the party reaches its peak when you feel free from everything, and at the same time, one with the other people. Bass and frantic rhythms disperse blood, mad energy makes you move, and you already can not control himself so as not to dance with local zeybekiko.


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