The hotel is an hour

гостиница на час, Питер, СПБ, квартира, шикарная комната, ремонт

The hotel is an hour in St. Petersburg welcomes tourists, guests in their apartments. Employees of the hotel managers to cope with the responsibilities at European level. Knowledge and ability to work managers increase annually.


Benefits, benefits:


- The hotel is located next to the metro Ligovsky and bypass channel;

- Loyal prices are lower than in other hotels, hotels;

- There is a restaurant, which serves delicious;

- From Nevsky Prospekt hotel is located 1.5 kilometers;

- There is room for negotiation business, business people;

Stock No equipped with a shower, a hairdryer, bathrobe;

- In-room safe;

- Hourly hotel provides services to provide any information without leaving the room;

- Here create home comfort, you will not feel bad attitude;

- Book your room around the clock.


The hotel is an hour offers excellent leisure facilities


Reservations can be made in two ways: first way: call the manager of the hotel the day before arrival, he draws up a client profile. The client specifies the requirements, surname, name and patronymic, telephone. Upon cancellation of the non - call responsible for the design, two hours prior to arrival. It eliminates the reservations and will return the advance payment.


The second way: to book a room through the Internet. Online hotel listed phone numbers, e-mail. The refusal is made in the above scheme.


Attendants can meet customers in the plane, the train, at the port. Accompany the client. Ordered according to customer's request return tickets, taxi. The customer's wishes - the law for staff. Additional services the customer pays on the spot.


Hourly hotel is convenient.


Arriving in St. Petersburg, a tourist, a businessman will always find an hourly hotel. The city establishments of this type a lot. Stay by the hour will not make you any work. Just look catalog of hotels in St. Petersburg, and you can quickly decide on your choice. They are located in the city center, in the area of ​​Youth Theatre. Room is relatively inexpensive


For foreign tourists, businessmen provided the following design: a foreign client provides visa receiving a request, fills in the questionnaire, said the arrival time. The client makes a provisional payment numbers. Give your suggestions, recommendations.


Come to St. Petersburg, use numbers, order them by the hour, day, day, month. Staff carry out the wishes of the client at the highest level. We are waiting for calls, orders, arrivals. Agreement executed in the amount provided by the applicant.

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the hotel on the hour



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