Friendly Czech Republic

Чехия, Прага, путешествие, старый город, архитектура, старая Европа

Czech Republic situated next to Poland, Slovakia and Germany, it is the capital of the famous Prague - clean and tidy town, which for its attractions attracts tourists from all over the continent. The official language of the country - Czech, but also common German, English, Russian and Slovak language. So do not worry - Russian tourists always clear answer to the question words.


Czech Republic is famous for its chefs. Avid foodies will not be disappointed on arrival in the country. If you go to Prague, be sure to taste the specialties of Czech cuisine: dumplings, strudel with apples, rabbit in tomato sauce and baked pork. Fans off in full in Prague restaurants should pay attention to the following drinks: Becherovka (liqueur), slivovice (brandy), zubrovka (alcoholic tincture of herbs).


Fair of the Czech Republic, as a rule, pleasing customers is relatively cheap crystal and china. Also, you will not be at a loss, and even save, if you get there a couple of leather jackets, or give preference to buying shoes. But if you are interested in tours to Prague, and you would like to order a ticket, you should contact the link above to go to our website. Free consultation of our managers to speed up the process for you to organize this exciting journey.


Of all the resorts in the Czech Republic should mention one, the biggest - Karlovy Vary. Hot mineral springs, mineral waters, which are used for healing the body, as well as a massage master quickly lift you on your feet. Here you will find a combination of the latest medical approaches to the treatment of diseases and individual treatment programs, which each of the visitors to the resort will be able to choose for himself. Tours to this resort is worth it.


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