First time in the United Arab Emirates

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First time in the United Arab Emirates

The paradise on earth, created by human hands in the Arabian desert, is the Emirates. Eastern fairy tale in the modern embodiment and attracts tourists from all over the world with its luxury, brilliance and excellent service. Arab resorts offer a variety of choice of hotels, beaches, nightclubs and other entertainment.


The most loyal emirate

This is, of course, the most famous resort - Dubai. Here Russian-speaking tourists will be most comfortable in terms of compliance with ethical standards. Open or calling clothes are not welcome outside the hotel. Free to show their feelings on the street is also prohibited. With alcohol, things are a bit easier than at other resorts.

Luxurious and expensive - this is Abu Dhabi

Indeed, the capital of the UAE amazes with its truly royal scope. Insanely expensive hotels, shopping centers and nightclubs, entertainment show programs - everything here is created in order to spend money. In addition, tourists will have something to see: the world-famous Amusement Park, Sheikh Al Jaraf's Palace, Leaning Tower and others.

Emirate of the strictest rules

Fans of unrestrained fun and night binges in Sharjah are unlikely to like. This emirate is known for its strict limitations even in tourist hotels. It is categorically unacceptable short, provocative clothes, open swimsuits, alcohol is not allowed.

A bit of everything

Ajman is an ideal place for tourists who are tired of the hustle and bustle of modern life. The smallest and modest emirate will provide guests with snow-white beaches, slender palms, cafes, cozy hotels. Entertainment in Ajman little: museums, shopping, fishing. But there is no "dry law", as in other emirates.


Beach holiday in Umm Al Quwain

Beach lovers will appreciate this remote and picturesque corner of the Arab Emirates. Special attraction of Umm Al Kuwain is given by the preserved monuments of architecture, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional way of life of its inhabitants.

Where do the Arabs rest?

Another quiet and tranquil resort in the UAE is Fujairah. Slow and measured rest, you can diversify by visiting the famous bullfights and the big Friday market. It is Fujairah most often chosen by the Arabs themselves for recreation.

Regardless of the emirate, every tourist needs to take care of choosing a place of residence. Rest in this country will be truly unforgettable, if in time to think over all the details.


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