Features of the system "all inclusive"

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Even 20 years ago on the system "all inclusive" hotels did not know anybody. At the same time, any tourist (especially novice traveler) seeks to acquire for themselves round it with such a system. It would seem that could be easier? Arriving at the hotel, no need to look for a place to have lunch or dinner for tourist have all settled and prepared. If the hotel is away from the big resort towns, what the system has become indispensable as a selection of cafes and restaurants is almost not there, so the hotel is not working on "all inclusive" system, we have to eat at the price at which the offer .

What pitfalls exist in this system? First, it is almost day and night meals. When breakfast smoothly into the brunch, which after a short break, getting lunch and so on. How do hotels still have not ruined with endless cost of food? The thing is that you can not eat around the clock, even if it's free, especially in the heat, especially - when you want to drive to the sights and swim in the sea. Then there is the savings on food if breakfast buffet menu was pasta, then dinner, is likely to be a salad of the same half-eaten pasta. Fruits that have been cut and eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner will be served in a fruit salad. And there are plenty of tricks.

A separate issue - it drinks. When buying a round, entices people promise to drink all day, any alcoholic beverages. Here hoteliers a little cunning, drink it certainly can be any alcohol, only production they will be local. As a general rule, make them especially such hotels ", which means as much to save. This applies not only to alcoholic beverages, juices and milk, too, almost always separated from the dry raw materials.

In these hotels also save on operating personnel. Maids can chronically short of clean towels and a tourist can expect half of their vacation. The same goes for animators who promises not to miss the tourists and their children throughout the day. Not all travelers accounted for liking strange amusement which animators offer. Not every child will want to spend half a day with a strange aunt, who also does not much want him to entertain.

As for the tour, they almost certainly will not be included in the tour price. Instead leisure offer free shopping trip, tour operators with whom agreements have been signed. Tourists are free carry on shopping centers, which are often inflated prices.

In any system on which offer tours of hotels have their own pros and cons. Those who study the rest in front of all the details of the upcoming holiday, definitely will not be disappointed with your holiday.


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