Features of the behavior of Spaniards

Features of the behavior of Spaniards

Spaniards can anger tourists in the early days. Residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg are always in a hurry and will not understand the delay in the queue. The Spaniards are not accustomed to hurry. This is not surprising. that they like to talk. The Spaniards seem to live "here and now" and are ready to enjoy life. Of course in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​more serious people, but in other cities too cheerful. Spaniards are family people with large and noisy families. But you can get used to and even get involved in their leisurely, friendly. Most Spaniards prefer a measured way of life, relaxing at sea and spending time with their families.


Most work part-time, earning a penny. Of course in Spain there is a crisis and a great unemployment. Most rejoice and simple work, but even in peacetime, the Spaniards do not pursue wealth, but live "today's day." However strangely they can be understood, because they have an excellent life, due to the amazing climate, inexpensive housing, cheap and high-quality products. You can also emphasize the attitude of the Spaniards to cars. Everyone knows that Europeans like cheap and more economical cars.


However, as the Spaniards turn to cars this will cause surprise. The Spaniards on the cars are visible scratches, chips and dents. However, the Spaniards do not bother. They will not be upset because of a scratch. These are the Spanish people who are cheerful, friendly and friendly people.


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