England. The traditions of the English crown

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To the Queen of England for many years, it is interested in the entire world community. And no wonder. It is ruled by the Queen of his government has been sixty years. Her measured way of life does not change over the years. Breakfast, Newspapers reading, browsing the mail, reception of visitors. Interestingly all that relates to the Queen. As she puts on, is small talk. Who is hosting the palace and who discuss state affairs. Numerous family of Queen does not remain without attention of the world community. Rare scandals in a time forgotten, and measured life of the Queen's nothing else breaks.

During his reign, the Queen surrounded herself with the same sovereigns. All are invited by the queen, going to England for balls. Measured conversation, unchanging buffet sometimes depressing. And it is these techniques are not like the gay balls of the eighteenth century. Does aged Queen or required by etiquette, but there is the dance that had been taken earlier. Although all the guests happy and consider it an honor to be invited to the Queen of England. She still prefers business suits and ladies' hats. Her small talk no one tire. And it kind of cheerful, despite his age, is an example to follow. Well-trained servant knows schedule queen of the day, and try not to break it.

The stiff British honor their Queen and, of course, consider it a role model. But the British are known for a long time that adhere to their ancient traditions. English people are old-fashioned. They do not recognize innovations and concerns related to new technologies. Although sometimes can surprise. For example, the performance of the group "Spice Girls" at the Summer Olympic Games held on cars with lights. Four girls standing on moving vehicles, played one of his best songs. Undoubtedly, this show was a demonstration of the technical capabilities of the British.

One of the best qualities of the Englishman - his composure. To insult someone in public or engage in a fight - beneath the dignity of the British. They prefer restraint and patience. A better course of action - indifference. Very often, the British are workaholics. Read wealth. And even more love comfort.

Since ancient times, the British gentlemen prefer clubs. Being surrounded by people who share their views and tastes, the British believe his good fortune.


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