Egypt - a brief excursion into the country of the sun

Египет, сахара, пустыня, пирамиды, Гиза, песок

Fabulous Egypt. Russians often acquire turputevku in Egypt. In the north, the Mediterranean Sea is located in Egypt and the Red Sea is located on the east coast of the seas occupy Great Hotels.

Arriving in Egypt are always greeted with joy .. long coastlines big enough, but here it is impossible to place a sea port due to the awkward terrain. At the bottom of the Red Sea with a continuous layer are coral reefs, which are very hinder the movement of the sea in this area. But in Egypt, beaches galore.

Each hotel has its own beach, but there are also the city where you are free to go. You can discover the diversity and krastoty Red Sea under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This energetic vacation contain the vast majority of tours to Egypt. "Wonders" of Egypt. Egyptian resorts have fairly dry climate, in comparison with other Mediterranean resorts having mostly humid.

This is the reason that here you can easily transfer the heat. Coast sea all the time obduvaetsya light sea breeze even in the hottest days on the beaches of Egypt, there is cool air. Trips to Egypt permanently committed: Summer in Egypt last 365 days of the year. Daytime temperature of about 30 ° C.

In this mysterious country come not only to sunbathe under the warm rays of the sun but also in order to learn all the advantages of the most beloved people in Russia system - 'all inclusive'. There are various hotels Egypt features a large number of higher-level hotel with the best service.

Almost every hotel in Egypt It answers the staff can safely speak agliyskom. Restaurants that are in the area of ​​Egypt hotels offer a lot of different dishes.

Even if you are the most exquisite gourmet, Egyptian cuisine will leave you only the best impressions! Tours in Egypt also acquaint the tourists and cultural values ​​that go back 5000 years of existence of the state.

First of all, you'd better visit the famous pyramids of Egypt - is the most amazing wonder of the miracle of light. Clients help get to the top of the pyramid, and tell everyone about it. Choosing the trips to Egypt, you will be satisfied with the beauty of an unforgettable journey that will be remembered forever.


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