Dream work. The program "Eagle and Tails"

Dream work. The program "Eagle and Tails"

Work, which almost everyone dreams about. It does not sit in the office, do not work as a waiter, do not sweep the streets and not carry newspapers to the mailboxes. Those people who like to travel the world will understand my delight twice.

It is the work of a dream that can be called what one of the leading programs "Eagle and Tails", Regina Todorenko, is doing.

Work in pleasure, watch interesting places on the planet, live in steep numbers and get paid for it, how do you like that?

Getting into such a job is almost not realistic, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, are casting. But this does not mean that you should not try, it is necessary to strive to your dream and do everything possible and impossible to get into one of such programs on TV.

Imagine, you do not have to choose a ticket, book a hotel, think about the transfer and what places to visit, for everything the show producers will do. You will only have to talk a little to the camera and go to another country.

But even such work can wear out a person so much that he no longer wants to travel. So Todorenko was so tired that she decided to leave the show on the "Friday" TV channel. But thousands of people came to her place, but they took only one girl.

So, when a person gets what he wants tenfold, he quickly gets tired of it? Until you try, you do not know!


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